Mission Shaped Ministry training


Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM)

How do we accompany and train those who are starting, leading or looking to learn from new, emerging or Fresh Expressions of Church? If that’s a question you are pondering, or in particular if you know of others who are, then we are delighted to announce the Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM) course.

This takes two forms. There is an easy to use Mission Shaped Introduction (MSI) course which you can download and use yourselves in any context locally (see below). Or a more detailed course can now be delivered as MSM Flexi.

MSM is  full of good practice, theology and space to consider how we grow in God’s calling to see every person reached with His love in Christ. MSM is organised ecumenically and can be delivered ecumenically or by Methodists, with sessions led by a mix of 'tutors' and local practitioners who are doing it day in day out.

A MSM Flexi course can be tailored to meet your needs and delivered locally. Individuals are welcome, but we recognise learning often happens better in teams and we thus encourage churches to send a small group. There are a variety of bursaries available to help with costs. 

Modules include topics such as

  • Mission context
  • The mission of God
  • Vision, values and call
  • Starting something new
  • Listening for mission
  • What is church?
  • Leadership
  • Gospel and culture
  • Team roles and behaviour
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Spirituality, worship and the sacraments
  • Growing to maturity

and optional sessions specific to a rural context, new housing areas, small group church, children, young people and young adults.

There is more information here and here, or contact Jill Marsh.

District Start-up Grants

Grants of up to £1000 are available to churches and circuits wishing to begin a fresh expresssion of church (Mission1000 grants). The project must also have some local funding.

Contact Jill Marsh for further details   jill.marsh@methodist.org.uk


Mission Shaped Intro (MSI)

New world, new church? Our world and our lives have changed radically in the last twenty years, but has the church adapted to this change? Do we need a changed church for a changing world? Are new forms of church really possible? If so, how can they be developed?

Recently refreshed and redesigned, mission shaped intro explores the ‘why’ of creating fresh expressions of church rather than the ‘how’. The six-week course takes you on a journey looking at the ever-changing nature of our social communities and explores why the church needs to rethink its approach to those communities in meaningful and relevant ways.

The 90-minute sessions are delivered through presentation, movie clips and stories with active group participation. It is ideal for those who are starting from scratch as well as those who have attended a vision day or who are maybe thinking about joining the mission shaped ministry course. Many circuits in the District have already benefitted from running the course, but if yours hasn't yet, it is available as a free download.

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