Green Pastures Housing


Green Pastures Housing is a national Christian Social Enterprise providing homes for homeless people and those in the most need. They now have 43 christian partners throughout the UK from Glasgow to Brighton. On any one night their partners are housing upwards of 600 people who would otherwise be homeless. Each partner houses these people in properties identified by them and purchased by Green Pastures. The partner invite the tenants, often people they know through their existing services such as food banks or night shelters, into their properties. They provide a roof for them but more than that, they provide love and care for them and invite them into the community of the church and the love of God. Green Pastures Housing then earns money back through housing benefit which the tenants are eligible for. This means they are also able to offer an investment scheme, if you would like to invest in their properties they will offer a 5% return.

They are always on the look out for churches and other christian organisations that would like to partner to help house homeless people in their communities. If your church or organisation would like to help join the fight to eradicate involuntary homelessness please visit their website or call 0203 540 6234. Alternatively, if you are interested in investing, please check out their investment page.

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