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MK Black Lives Matter PillarNew Pillar – Black Lives Matter

A new inscription was unveiled at the Milton Keynes Rose in Campbell Park on Wednesday 25 May 2022.

25 May was the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, an event which was instrumental in the development and spread of the Black Lives Matter movement. Following a public consultation exercise in 2021, a new pillar inscription at the Rose will mark 25 May and Black Lives Matter.

The wording on the inscription refers to George Floyd’s death and states ‘No person should put their knee, chain or noose on another’s neck because of their colour’.

The pillar will be unveiled at a ceremony starting at 5 p.m. and open to the public.

Revd Edson Dube, who led the campaign to have the inscription on behalf of the MK Council of Faiths said: ‘25 May is a date which globally will forever be commemorated and remembered for the crime that was committed against Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis. This date is one of deep importance to both the city and the people of Milton Keynes as the date stands as a consistent reminder of the need to eradicate hate, racism and prejudice from our community and the world.’

Debbie Brock, Chair of the Milton Keynes Rose Trust said: ‘The Trust is grateful for the considered and helpful nomination it received in favour of the Black Lives Matter pillar and welcomes the day being commemorated for many years into the future to remind us of the horrific murder of George Floyd.’

News from Action for Children

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Message from the Northampton District Team

News – Matt Forsyth – District Mission Enabler

Matt and Amy Forsyth are celebrating the birth of a wonderful baby girl!  Penny Patricia Forsyth was born in the wee hours of Easter morning, 17th April, and mother and baby (and very proud husband and father) are doing well.  We know that you join with us in sending Matt, Amy and family all our warmest congratulations. 

Rev’d Nicola Vidamour, Presbyter in the Milton Keynes Circuit would like to share the following message;

Dear Friends

I woke up on Easter morning to find this message from Ukraine in my inbox - a response to an email I sent on 2nd February! I read it in church on Sunday in place of the epistle as it reminded me of one of St. Paul's letters. Please feel free to read this to your congregations next Sunday - which will be Easter Day in Russia and Ukraine.
I've added the translation in blue:


Дорогая Никола! Dear Nicola!

Поздравляем Вас с радостным праздником Воскресения Христова!

We congratulate you on the joyful feast of the resurrection of Christ! 

Пусть Господь обильно благословит и наполнит Вашу жизнь своей силой, радостью и миром.

May the Lord bless you abundantly and fill your life with his strength, joy and peace.

Уже много раз собирались Вам написать, но каждый раз отлаживали, потому что хотелось сообщить, что всё уже позади и у нас всё хорошо. Но… Мы верим, что скоро придет это время, когда мы скажем: «слава Богу, всё позади!» Хотя боль от всего случившегося не скоро продет.

We have been intending to write to you many times but put it off each time because we wanted to tell you that everything was already over and all was well for us. But..... we believe that the time will soon come when we will say: "Thank God, it's over!"  Although the pain from all that has happened will not pass quickly. 

У нас, на западе Украины, относительно спокойно, поэтому у наш регион съехалось сотни тысяч беженцев с опасных регионов страны. Школы, детские садики, церкви, спортивные залы отдали свои помещения, простые люди отдают свободные комнаты в своих домах, чтобы приютить людей, которые бежали от войны. В нашем доме было много людей, которые жили три-четыре дня и ехали дальше в Европу. Но есть и такие, которые приехали и остались. В основном это мамы с детьми и пожилые люди. Молимся чтобы им было куда возвращаться. Надеемся на милость Божью.

Here,in the west of Ukraine, it is relatively calm. Consequently hundreds of thousands of refugees have come to our region from the dangerous parts of the country. Schools. kindergartens, churches and sports halls have provided their facilities. Ordinary people have offered spare rooms in their homes in order to house people who have run from the war. In our home there were a lot of people who stayed for 3 or 4 days and then went further to Europe. But there are also those who have come and stayed. This is mainly mothers with children and elderly people. We pray that there will be somewhere for them to return to. We are relying on the grace of God.   

При всех этих обстоятельствах знаем, что Господь жив, и наша страна по его милости будет жить.

In all these circumstances, we know that the Lord is alive and that our country by his grace will also live. 

Очень благодарны Вам за Ваши молитвы и за Вашу страну, которая оказывает нашей стране особенную поддержку!

We are very grateful for your prayers and for your country which has shown our country particular support!

Пусть Бог благословит Вас и Вашу страну.

May God bless you and your country.

Передавайте большой привет Мойре и всем братьям и сестрам во Христе. 

And pass on a big hello to Moira and all our brothers and sisters in Christ  

С Господом Василий и Алла.


God bless, Vasilii and Alla 

Dear Book Lovers

I’m pleased to announce… the new season of the Northampton Methodist District Theological Book Club.

Our book for the Summer Term is God is not a White Man by Chine McDonald. Chine studied theology before becoming a journalist and public speaker. She has worked for Christian Aid, has been a regular BBC contributor and more recently has become the director of the Theos think-tank. I’m expectant her book will be a helpful way of us reflecting on the ethnic and gender biases that underpin much of assumed modern western theology, and hoping it gives us a chance to critically examine the way in which our theology builds the cultures we participate in – for better or worse.

You can purchase God is Not a White Man online for around £10. eBook and audio versions are also available for a similar price.

Some quick thoughts on this book from – Paula Gooder:

This is a beautifully written reflection/memoir about being Black and female in a Church and a country that values most people who are white and male. It is insightful and generous, thought-provoking and nuanced and will stay with me long after I've finished it. You must read it, if you are in any way committed to reflecting on how we take seriously the blight that racism casts on us all and to striving together to build a better future.

We will gather from 4-5:30pm on the following dates to discuss the following parts of the book:

Tuesday 17th May: Intro & Chapter 1

Tuesday 31st May: Chapter 2

Tuesday 14th June: Chapter 3

Tuesday 28th June: Chapter 4

Tuesday 12th July: Chapter 5

Tuesday 26nd July: Chapter 6

Tuesday 9th August: Chapter 7 and Conclusion

The Book Club is open to any one – lay, ordained, local preachers, worship leaders, lay workers, interested individuals. However, places are limited to 30 and offered on a first come first serve basis. We request that if you do sign-up, please try to ensure you can be present for most of the sessions as this ensures better conversations for all involved.

If you are interested in joining the Book Club or have any questions about it, please contact Michael

I hope you’re able to join us for this season of the Book Club, and if you do… Happy Reading!

Leslie Jaeger

As the Northampton District HR Officer, I lead the HR advisory and administrative function for the District and its constituent churches and circuits.  I provide advice for ministers and line managers on all employment matters and prepare employment paperwork, releasing line managers for mission. I also act as Secretary to the Lay Employment Sub-Committee of the District.

I began my career in banking and have been an HR practitioner since 2012 after obtaining my CIPD qualification.  

My working days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 12.00pm to 5.00pm.

Leslie Jaeger (Assoc CIPD)

  District HR Officer

Northampton Methodist District

Mobile: 07885545062

Get help with mission planning

Perhaps you are not sure how to get started with mission planning. Or you have started working on a plan, but got lost along the way. You may have a plan in place, but you've struggled to put it into action. Or perhaps you need to review your plan so that it fits where you are right now.

The Evangelism and Growth Team, in collaboration with the Learning Network, are trialling the provision of  'mission planning surgeries'. Circuits can book a two-hour slot during which they receive input tailored to their particular context. You could use this time to help you think through a knotty issue, to ask for specific guidance, or to find out about people and resources in your local area who can continue to accompany you in your mission planning. Ideally a few representatives from a circuit team would attend together so that the input from the surgery would be shared among the team. 

Click here to see more information on the official methodist website.

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