Fresh Expressions


How do we start new expressions of church? If you're wondering what is 'allowed' or not, and what is 'encouraged' or not,  then this link might help you work that out:

You're welcome to contact Rev Dr Langley Mackrell-Hey ( or Rev Jill Marsh ( if you'd like to know more or talk over any of what is here.

Langley became interested in researching fresh expressions after attending a Mission Shaped Ministry course in Lincolnshire, seven years ago. At that time, part of his role was to work in partnership with his superintendent, overseeing the development of fresh expressions. What gives Langley's research impact is the fact that he is a practitioner. Rather than giving a view of fresh expressions from the outside in, gathering data about what happens and when it happens, Langley looks from the inside out, celebrating how fresh expressions are sustaining people and how they are encouraging newcomers to find faith. However, he also considers how the dynamics that exist between the local church and their fresh expressions, and the disciplines of the wider Church, might be inhibiting growth. 

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