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Are you being called to be a pioneer?

Take a look at the following video which provides a brief introduction to pioneering.

There is also a longer version which goes into some of the issues in more depth.

Methodist Pioneering Pathways (A Short Introduction)

Methodist Pioneering Pathways (Turning Possibilities into Reality)

Methodists and Anglicans unite to support Pioneers

Methodists and Anglicans unite to support Pioneers

Following years of partnership in the Gospel to support Fresh Expressions of Church, the Northampton Methodist District and the Diocese of Leicester have formalised a scheme to jointly commission/license Pioneers (non-ordained, normally volunteer, leaders of new forms of church). The scheme, which is an extension of what has been in place in the Diocese for the past two years, means that discernment, training and on-going support & accountability offered to Pioneers will now be provided ecumenically across the county and city.

In a practical outworking of the Covenant the Church of England and Methodist Church have signed, this next chapter in working together shows the level of trust and mutual respect which have developed in supporting new forms of Church. There are close to two hundred new forms of church, or groups moving in that direction, across Leicestershire, such as some forms of Café Church, some Messy Church’s, Mission Shaped Communities focused around an area of need, common network or serving a specific neighbourhood, and many more.

This new development builds on the jointly organised training provided through the Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM) course – a national Fresh Expressions course, which is run locally with other ecumenical partners, has seen almost 200 graduates in Leicestershire over recent years and starts next in February. As well as helping them discern their calling, and training through msm, the new scheme also provides a structure for on-going development and accountability, shared learning to re-enforce the universal calling of Christians to be part of the wider Body of Christ and more customised learning and reflection through, for example, one to one coaching. Pioneers also receive an annual training allowance to help them also develop discipleship and leadership in ways specific to their calling.

The first candidates to be jointly licensed and commissioned (licensed by the Bishop and commissioned by the District and Circuit) are the leaders of Reside, a Fresh Expression of Church in Loughborough led by a Methodist and Anglican working in partnership. At the annual Called Together service in October 2013, where all licensed, authorised ministries in the Diocese are commissioned, each will receive the Bishop’s license followed by a local Methodist service of commissioning.

Download a copy of what has been agreed.

Download a leaflet for those interested in exploring Pioneer ministry.

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