ReImagine Forum


The ReImagine Forum was held on 4 February at Daventry Methodist Church and was a great success.  We might plan another similar event later in the year, so if you would like to show your interest in a future event please contact us.

If you would like to please do contact Jill Marsh, District Director of Mission, to discuss Re-Imagining further, and to see if there are people who we could put you in touch with from the 4th Feb event.   07745 020597

The slides from the keynote address can be downloaded here.

The handouts from the keynote address were:
1. How testimony saves lives
2. New models of church
3. Dinner church
4. How to do 1 - 1s

The handouts from the workshops were:
A. ReImagining church on new housing estates
B. ReImagining church in existing buildings
C. ReImagining church through art
D. ReImagining church beyond church buildings
E. ReImagining church using Methodist processes
F. ReImagining a circuit
G. Continuing to ReImagine when things do not work out






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