Talking of God


Talking of GodTalking of God is a Methodist faith sharing course. It will help individuals and congregations to talk about their faith journey.

Written by a group of evangelism and mission experts from across the country, the course will give people more confidence when it comes to sharing the stories of their faith in everyday life. It does this by encouraging conversations about conversations, and rooting it all in the Gospels.

Talking of God follows from the 2005 report to the Methodist Conference Time to Talk of God, which encouraged Methodists and other Christians to renew their ability to talk about God with each other.

Talking of God is made up of four sessions:

  • Starting the Conversation - each of us has a story to share
  • Conversation Stoppers – conversations can be hard
  • Conversations in Context – how our world can frame our conversations
  • Living the Conversation – conversations are more than just words


These sessions (plus a preamble and concluding worship) can be held over consecutive weeks or even the course of a weekend or day. Each session includes opening and closing prayers, Bible study, discussion topics and practical ideas for getting conversations started.

All the material you need is free to download:


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