Summary of 11 church case studies


There's a great deal of carbon reduction-related information on the Methodist Church in Britain website.

For example, there are case studies grouped by church energy consumption per year -

3 case studies of small churches (less than 20,000 kWh)

5 case studies of medium size churches (20,000 to 75,000 kWh)

3 case studies of large churches (more than 75,000 kWh)

A summary of the findings can be found here, including a map of where the churches are - several are in our District.

Then to help you tailor this information to your situation, here's guidance on an Energy Walk Around

Finally, another idea not raised by the case studies is energy buying, for example (but not necessarily) a renewable energy tariff. The 2buy2 initiative is linked with The Big Church Switch that launched in Spring 2016 and has saved 144 Methodist buildings £57,000 collectively in the first year alone.

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