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By way of introduction, here's an article that was published in our July 2013 circuit section (Bilton, Dunchurch, Paddox, Wesley Road in the Rugby & Daventry circuit) magazine -

Energy Efficiency at Church and at Home

Following some email correspondence, at Synod in April I was appointed District Advocate for Carbon Reduction. This feels a good fit with my interests and also presents personal development opportunities. One challenge is reaching people around the district who share my desire for more action in this area - watch this and other spaces... You may, like me, find the Hope in God’s Future document helpful. We can all make a difference at home and at church.

Secondly, on 15-16 June I visited an event in Brighton called Eco Open Houses. This year it coincided with an exhibition called the Eco Technology Show where I learned more about the Green Deal*. The event involves members of the public opening their homes for others to see their new energy efficiency measures. A local initiative called Pioneer Places paid for 100 Green Deal assessments (normally £150) and 10 properties received £10,000 to demonstrate what can be achieved in a “normal” house.

Features I saw included an air source heat pump, internal and external solid wall insulation, high efficiency boilers with flue gas heat recovery (even better than condensing boilers), and a new block of flats complete with biomass boiler, composting machine, mini roof allotments, and so on. These visits were led by the residents or volunteers who described some of the downsides - it wasn’t all sales pitch. Finally I learned that one of the local churches is doing its bit.

Howard Warrener

* - Update: the Green Deal was discontinued in 2015...

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