District Advocate for Carbon Reduction


Who, what and why? (a personal perspective)


Key duties of a District Advocate for Carbon Reduction

Howard's thoughts on this role

  1. Advocate, also known as helper, comforter, counsellor (John 14:16, 14:26, 15:16); that’s the Holy Spirit, not me (!). A sermon on that topic talked about courage and inner resources; we all need these.
  2. For my (much smaller!) part, I look forward to encouraging anyone in the district who is looking to reduce carbon emissions, at church and/or at home, for example by highlighting relevant resources and/or meeting to discuss options, while learning from you, your experience and your situation so as to pass on relevant information to others.
    Feel free to get in touch directly.
  3. There are no easy answers
    There is a vast amount of information “out there” on environmental issues/products/services, some of which is contradictory; I certainly don’t pretend to know everything, or to know what is “right”
    Like many things it comes down to doing what you think is right, having considered the available evidence
  4. I don’t wish to replicate what other people are already doing, so I will include some links as they come to my notice; this will probably need to be tidied every now and again but I'll keep a record in case you saw something and then can't find it
  5. So far as I’m aware I’m the only DACR in the country; if you’re based in another district why not encourage someone else to join me on the journey, or at least suggest that the vacancy is advertised


Why me? Mini Biography of Howard Warrener

I was born and brought up in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, studied Mechanical Engineering at Bath Uni in the 1990’s, then moved to Rugby where I continue to work with GE (when I started, we were GEC Alsthom; in between, we became Alstom; previously it was GEC, English Electric, etc).

Further CV-style info can be viewed here (there is no need to join or log in).


I am a member of Paddox Methodist Church in Rugby where I am one of the worship leaders (amongst other things).

Interests include music, cycling and walking: all these connect me (along with everything else!) to God’s diverse and majestic creation of which we are so blessed to be a part.


Finally, I’m the sort of person who switches unnecessary lights off, closes doors to keep the heat in, points out that a certain university was both heating and cooling a building at the same time (a perfect storm of carbon wastage!), looks to purchase “eco”/”ethical”/”environmentally friendly” products and services - and is disappointed that the non-eco versions still exist: if they didn’t, the “eco” ones would have a bigger market and hence be cheaper!

Clarification: I don’t (always) take “eco” products at face value (see point 3 above); I try to evaluate them against the competition. For example, I've used non-eco wall insulation at home because it will save vastly more energy through its lifetime than it took to produce it; current “eco” products need to be much thicker to give the same performance.

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