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November 2020

I’m sure readers will know many more ‘traditional’ cleaning methods than this selection I found online:

  • Clean your fridge with a damp cloth sprinkled with baking soda (= baking powder = bicarbonate of soda)
  • Steam clean your microwave by heating water and vinegar (and lemon for smell) in it, then wipe it down
  • Disguise vinegar smells by infusing it with citrus peels, herbs, rose petals, or cinnamon sticks (etc)
  • Dissolve and buff-off rust with a ball of aluminium foil and vinegar, scrub gently, then recycle the foil

October 2020

With harvest celebrations fresh in our minds, this month we literally have food for thought:

  • 1st October is World Vegetarian Day, “to promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism” (or at least eating less meat)
  • 4th October is the feast day for St Francis of Assisi whose love and care for creation is well documented
  • 16th October is UN World Food Day – see (including a poster contest)
  • Have fun foraging in hedgerows for blackberries, plums, apples, etc; eating local, seasonal food is best for the planet, too

September 2020

While we all wish for more warm weather, inevitably the temperature will drop, so here are some things to check before it does:

  • Top up to the recommended thickness for loft insulation, 250-270mm (10-11 inches) of glass or mineral wool (other materials are available; some are more effective)
  • Use a Chimney Sheep (or equivalent) to block an open fireplace when it’s not in use;
  • Seal up through-draughts (unless they’re needed to ventilate an appliance!)
  • Add hot water tank and pipe lagging where necessary

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