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From the District Advocate for Carbon Reduction -

31 July 2021

Thanks to Paul for sugggesting I post a link to these Energy Saving Tips from Compare the Market (the last one won't be a surprise)

Thanks to Lorna for passing on these tips for cutting plastic use from Ecotricity in the areas of Home, Beauty, Travel, Food, Fashion and Garden

Many other Eco Tips are available - including mine smiley


18 March 2021

Thanks to Adele for highlighting the significant proportion of our churches that lie within 10 miles of an eligible FCC Environmental landfill facility
Click at your location on their map to see if yours is one (churches not marked; you may need to move/zoom the map to find your location)
If it is, please see the Guide for Applicants document linked from this page
Grants are between £2,000 and £100,000, with many possible uses including boilers, heating systems and insulation

Here are some other potential funding sources -

  • Rural Community Energy Fund (again thanks to Adele) - this is especially useful to cover the cost of a renewable energy project feasibility study
    Their definition of a 'rural' area is one with a population of under 10,000, or in some cases one that lies within a predominantly rural local authority
  • Bristol's Centre for Sustainable Energy have compiled a list to help community groups find sources of funding for sustainable energy projects
  • Community Energy England have a similar list of funding opportunities relevant to community energy organisations
  • The Church of England have another list of organisations offering charitable grants for churches


13 February 2021 (updated 28 March 2021)

Thanks to Michael for this helpful guide to the Green Homes Grant aimed at homeowners, landlords and tradespeople, put together by Energy Helpline

UPDATE - As reported by the BBC, this scheme will be stopped on 31 March 2021 and the cash allocated to a separate insulation fund run by councils


19 April 2020

Thanks to Clay for this detailed summary of various measures that can improve the energy efficiency of properties
(note that Section 6 on the Green Deal is out of date; the scheme closed in 2015)


8 March 2020

Thanks to Garette for this in-depth resource on the positive environmental impact of sustainable weddings


2 December 2017

Triodos article on Doughnut Economics, complete with explanatory diagram of a ring doughnut; this was presented by the book's author to a meeting of LCON (Low Carbon Oxford North) back in the Summer


25 November 2017, pm

From a recent Ethical Consumer conference -

  • Savings and investments can be used for good; Fossil Free Funds ranks mutual funds against your customised criteria, including the deforestation effects of palm oil production
  • If you're fed up with companies getting away with crimes against the environment, human rights, etc, you could join the Stop Corporate Impunity campaign

Also, as other search engines are available, why not try Ecosia and help to plant trees (17 million so far, and counting...)


25 November 2017, am

From a recent EcoChurch conference -


17 November 2017

Thanks to Jill for these two -

  • Hope for the Future, an organisation who encourage faith communities, local groups and individuals across the UK to engage with their MP on climate change
  • An "urgent" article on the Churches Together in England website discussing Christians and Climate Change


2 July 2016

And now thanks to Reese for dropping by and suggesting some links -

While I'm here, a couple of items from me -

  • I know it's currently the wrong time of year, but this is something for those of us in Warwickshire or with friends there (or in Worcestershire, Coventry or Solihull) to consider and perhaps pencil in for when it gets really cold (around freezing)
    • A thermal image survey from ActOnEnergy costs churches (and other non-commercial properties) just £100, due to a deal with the above local authorities (it's £4-500 for commercial properties), including VAT
    • For example, this can identify areas where loft insulation is missing, or where cavity wall insulation isn't working, or help to prioritise energy efficiency improvement works
  • Secondly, from speaking to David Julian at ActOnEnergy, it might be worth checking that your church isn't paying the Climate Change Levy on its utility bills; some of the official guidance is here -


21 February 2016

A couple more links via Laura (thanks again!) -

  • Info on different types of light bulbs; I think they were struggling to think of things to say about the different shapes, but otherwise the info looks sound
  • An easy-to-complete Home Energy Check from the Energy Saving Trust; it's only approximate, but gives indicative costs and savings of recommended energy efficiency measures
  • Then I saw some Energy Saving Trust community project case studies, some of which include churches reaching out to the community and vice-versa; how about copying their "try before you buy" light bulb scheme...
  • Finally for now, the Energy Saving Trust page on Funding and Support - because grants are one of the things I get asked about the most in this role


11 January 2016

Thanks to Laura for emailing me to ask if I'm still editing this page - yes, but only as-and-when...
For example, when I'm given some interesting info, such as that from Laura -


7 October 2013

Last week I heard a phone-in on BBC Radio 4 that recommended English Heritage as a useful source of information for those with listed buildings. Actually, there's much that's of use to all of us.


Also last week, our free paper in Rugby had a small article promoting a new website on energy efficiency. This includes examples of property improvements with case studies and contact details for local suppliers. There is also an energy saving calculator, but personally I wouldn't take too much notice of the numbers - they are very situation-specific, and also greatly influenced by the quality of the installation... Maybe there are equivalent websites for other counties in this District, too?



26 July 2013

Christian Ecology Link produce a daily prayer guide that you can have emailed.


28 June 2013


May 2013 is now in the past, but the sentiments are enduringly positive:
May 2013 be the start...

  • Of a healthier, happier nation

  • Of more resourceful living

  • Of more vibrant communities

  • Of smarter travel

  • Of a nation that shares


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