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Consent is required for all works which affect the structure of a building. Normally, maintenance and repairs do not require consent, unless the property is a listed building or located in a conservation area, when special consultation is necessary.  Applications for consent are submitted via the online Consents Process. 

The District has the responsibility of considering all property schemes through its Consent Giving Body.  This meets four times a year, though in practice many of the decisions are delegated to the District Property Secretary in association with the District Chair.  To help them in this process, the District Property Panel provides valued comments on many schemes.  The Panel consists of a group of practising and retired professionals with a wide-range of experience in the world of property and the mission of the Church.  They meet twice a year, though much of their work is carried out through use of the internet.

Consent is also required to sell or buy property or to grant or take a lease.

If a church or circuit is contemplating a project, or is uncertain whether or not consent is required, it is always best to consult with the District Property Secretary at an early stage.

This is the website for connecting with the Consents Process:




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