Navigate is a resource for youth leaders to use with young people to help them to explore and engage with the Bible.  The 5 interactive sessions, each with an easy to use session plan, contain discussions, quizzes, creative and reflective activities as well as 5 short animations (following the animated character Bob as he asks questions about the Bible). The many questions explored are such as what is the Bible? Why should I read it? How do I read it? Can I trust it? What difference does the Bible make?

Navigate is primarily aimed at 11-15 year olds, however the material can be adapted for use with younger (9-10 yrs) or older (16+yrs) groups. It is most suited to those with limited knowledge of the Bible as it covers a basic introduction.

The resource has been produced by the Methodist Church and the Bible Society and is available free to download.  Follow the link:

For those who prefer not to download, a DVD (priced £2.50 plus postage) of the resources can be pre-ordered from Methodist Publishing.


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